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What We Offer

Feel calm about leaving your child with an experienced Nanny, knowing that they have the experience and certifications required to offer quality and reliable care.

Silo Care offers the right type of nanny specifically suited for your family, see below some of the options that we offer:

  • Permanent Nannies

  • Temporary Nannies

  • Night Nannies

  • Newborn Care Specialists

We would like to get to know you and your family in more detail, this will help us find the right nanny suited for your requirements. 

Kindly fill in the form below to start the process to hire a Nanny today!


What Makes Us Different?

We’ve Got You Covered

You deserve a nanny who can give your children the best care possible. That’s why you should choose Silo Care Nanny Agency, the leading provider of high-quality nannies. They have the experience, the screening, and the matching to find you the perfect nanny for your needs. They also support you and your nanny all the way. Silo Care Nanny Agency is the ultimate nanny solution for your family. Contact them today and see for yourself.

Benefits of Working With Silo Care

Silo Care Nanny Agency offers you the best nannies for your family. They have nannies who are:

  • Highly qualified: They have strong education and experience in childcare, and have passed a rigorous screening process by Silo Care.

  • Diverse: They come from different backgrounds and have various skills, such as Montessori, newborn care, and teaching.

  • Right match: They are carefully selected and interviewed by Silo Care to match your family’s needs and preferences. They also have the necessary certifications, such as CPR and first aid.

  • Customized care: They provide personalized care to your children, planning and implementing activities and routines that suit their age and development. They also help your children learn new skills and hobbies.

  • Ongoing support: Silo Care stays in touch with you and your nanny to ensure your satisfaction. Silo Care also helps you become a successful employer and keep your nanny long-term by providing education on important topics

The Silo Care Process

Silo care order process updated

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