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Frequently Asked Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

Do you have a question about our services? Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve already answered. We’ve strived to include as much information as possible throughout the site, but if you have any additional inquiries, we’d be happy to help out. Feel free to call us or send us an email with your requests.

1. What are attributes crucial for a nanny?

The following characteristics are critical qualities that a Silo Care nanny should possess:

  • Multiple excellent references

  • Work longevity: They have been with the same family for a long time.

  • A pleasant, upbeat attitude

  • A welcoming, upbeat demeanor

  • A people person

  • A flexible mindset

  • Constantly looking ahead

  • Continuously effective in communicating

  • Creates opportunity for the kids to learn

  • Acts in a "How can I help?" manner rather than "That's not my job."


​2. What advantages does using an agency offer me compared to doing it alone in finding a job?

Agencies offer the greatest positions, give individualized care, offer continuous assistance, guarantee safety and respect, and it's free!

At Silo Care Nannies, we don't leave your side until you have found the perfect job. And when you do, we stay with you to make your job successful.

3. As part of Silo Care, what is expect of me when dealing with families?

We only ask that you communicate clearly and promptly and treat one another respectfully.

The children's safety and security are our top priorities, and the Silo Care Nanny Agency is dedicated to providing the finest child care.

We achieve this by partnering families with excellent nannies, who are skilled and knowledgeable and by providing a service that is secure, private, and reliable.

4. How much time do I have to commit?

Generally speaking, our families want to find a nanny who will become a part of their family for many years. Certain families with short-term needs for a nanny, such as those who want help during the summer or to cover an existing nanny's leave.

5. What happens next if I join the agency?

You will have access to our employment board, which contains information about each post. Then, fill out applications for the jobs you find most attractive. Because the families are all at different phases of the recruiting process, we advise you to apply to as many positions as you can.

6. As a Silo Care Nanny, do I have access to other Nannies and the wider Silo Care community?

All Silo Care Nannies and Families are connected through our Silo Care forums. Silo Care Nannies can start topics or reply to existing topics whenever they have any questions or just feel the need to share their experiences.

When you join Silo Care, you join an active and thriving community that is committed to your growth.

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