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How to Prepare for the Arrival of a Nanny

1. Get Organized: Exchange Contact Information

Before your nanny begins, exchange essential contact details. Share home addresses, phone numbers (both work and cell), and email addresses. Discuss the best way to reach each other during the day or in emergencies. Having this information readily available ensures effective communication.

2. Nanny Contract and Paperwork

Make sure both you and your nanny have signed copies of the work agreement or nanny contract. Include details such as pay, work hours, and any additional duties (like housework or cooking). Having a clear contract sets expectations and avoids misunderstandings later.

Reach out to your Silo Care representative if you would like templates for a Nanny Contract.

3. House Rules and Access

Help your nanny settle in by explaining house rules and providing necessary access:

  • House Keys: Provide your nanny with their own set of house keys.

  • Access Cards or Passes: If your family uses community centers, schools, or indoor play spaces, ensure your nanny has the necessary entry cards or passes.

  • Housing Operations: Familiarize your nanny with household appliances, including the heat/air conditioning, TV, washing machine, and dishwasher.

  • Phone Etiquette: If your nanny will be answering calls or taking messages, discuss phone usage.

4. Kitchen Etiquette

Lay out kitchen rules to make mealtime smoother:

  • Explain which dishes and kitchenware are available for use.

  • If your nanny will be cooking, discuss preferred ingredients and any dietary restrictions.

  • Notify your nanny of expected visitors (such as lawn crews or maintenance workers) to avoid surprises.

5. Child Safety and Toddler Gates

If your house is childproofed, demonstrate how toddler safety gates operate. Show your nanny how to secure areas and keep curious little ones safe.

6. Emergency Contacts

Write down important numbers, including the pediatrician, school, and a close friend or neighbour. Keep these accessible in case of emergencies.

7. Welcome Package

Create a warm welcome for your nanny:

  • Welcome Letter: Pen a heartfelt note expressing your excitement and appreciation.

  • Tour: Give your nanny a tour of the house, highlighting key areas like the children’s rooms, playroom, and kitchen.

  • Favourite Snacks: Stock up on their favourite snacks or treats.

8. Nanny Agency Assistance

If you’re seeking professional assistance in finding the ideal nanny, consider reaching out to Silo Care. Here’s how they can help:

  • Personalized Consultation: Silo Care conducts an in-depth consultation with you to understand your specific needs. They take into account factors like your family’s lifestyle, parenting principles, and expectations.

  • Qualified Nanny Matching: Based on your answers, Silo Care carefully matches you with nannies who possess the right qualifications and experience. Finding an individual who aligns with your family’s values is crucial, and Silo Care simplifies this process.

  • Exceptional Childcare: Silo Care is passionate about supporting families in their journey for exceptional childcare. Their commitment extends beyond just finding a nanny; they aim to make the impossible possible.

9. Contact Silo Care

If you need assistance or have any questions, you can reach out to Silo Care via email at Additionally, consider subscribing to Silo Care website for updates and valuable resources.

Remember, welcoming a nanny is a collaborative effort, and having a reliable agency like Silo Care by your side ensures a positive experience for both your family and your new nanny. 🌟

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