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Why Nannies Matter: Key Learnings from the Nanny Industry in 2023

Nannies are more than just babysitters. They are professional caregivers who provide personalized and quality care for children in their own homes. Nannies can have a positive impact on children’s development, well-being, and happiness, as well as on parents’ work-life balance and peace of mind. In this blog post, we will explore some of the key learnings from the nanny industry and show why nannies are of importance to families, highlighting examples and scenarios that nannies have been especially useful.

Nannies provide one-on-one attention and attachment

One of the main benefits of hiring a nanny is that they can offer one-on-one attention to your child, which is hard to get in other childcare settings. A nanny can tailor their activities and routines to your child’s needs, interests, and personality, and foster a close and trusting relationship with them. A nanny can also help your child develop social and emotional skills, such as empathy, self-regulation, and communication, by being a consistent and supportive presence in their life.

According to a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, children who received high-quality care from nannies in their first three years of life showed higher cognitive and academic performance at age 15 than those who received low-quality care or no care at all. The study also found that children who had a secure attachment with their nannies were more likely to have positive peer relationships and fewer behavior problems.

Nannies help to maintain a safe and familiar environment

Another benefit of hiring a nanny is that they can help to create and maintain a safe and familiar environment for your child. Your child can stay in their own home, surrounded by their favorite toys, books, and comforts, and follow their own schedule and routine. This can reduce the stress and anxiety that some children may experience when they are separated from their parents or when they have to adjust to a new setting.

A safe and familiar environment can also promote your child’s health and well-being. A nanny can ensure that your child eats nutritious meals and snacks, gets enough sleep and exercise, and follows good hygiene practices. A nanny can also monitor your child’s health and well-being, and alert you if they notice any signs of illness, injury, or distress. A nanny can also help to prevent the spread of germs and diseases, which can be more common in group childcare settings.

Nannies help reduce the morning chaos and the evening rush

A third benefit of hiring a nanny is that they can help you manage the morning chaos and the evening rush that many working parents face. A nanny can take care of the tasks that can make your mornings hectic, such as getting your child ready for the day, preparing breakfast, packing lunch, and dropping them off at school or activities. A nanny can also take care of the tasks that can make your evenings stressful, such as picking up your child from school or activities, helping with homework, making dinner, and getting them ready for bed.

By having a nanny, you can save time and energy, and focus on your work and other responsibilities. You can also enjoy more quality time with your child and your partner, without having to worry about the chores and errands. A nanny can also provide you with flexibility and reliability, as they can accommodate your schedule and needs, and handle any emergencies or changes that may arise.

Nannies have stories and experiences to share

A fourth benefit of hiring a nanny is that they can bring their own stories and experiences to your family, and enrich your child’s life. Nannies come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and have different skills and talents. A nanny can share their knowledge and perspectives with your child, and expose them to new ideas and possibilities. A nanny can also teach your child new skills and hobbies, such as a language, a musical instrument, a sport, or a craft.

Nannies also have their own stories and experiences from working with different families and children, which can be funny, shocking, heartwarming, or inspiring. For example, some nannies have shared how they cope with conservative families who have different views and values from their own, how they deal with the political implications of their job, or how they survive the worst day of their life as a nanny. These stories can show the joys and challenges of being a nanny, and the impact they can have on children and families.


Nannies are of importance to families because they can provide personalized and quality care for children in their own homes, and support parents in their work and life. Nannies can offer one-on-one attention and attachment, maintain a safe and familiar environment, reduce the morning chaos and the evening rush, and share their stories and experiences with your family. If you are looking for a nanny, or want to become one, you can find more information and resources on the Silo Care website, a Toronto-based nanny agency that has been helping families find the perfect nanny, babysitter, or newborn care specialist since 2020. You can also check out the International Nanny Association for industry standards and best practices.

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