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What Makes a Good Nanny Agency

What Makes a Good Nanny Agency.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a caregiver, a full-service Nanny placement agency might be the right choice for you. The nanny agency handles the process for you and provides you with a small selection of candidates to choose from, where you ultimately pick the best candidate that suits your desire and personality.

Many nanny agencies advertise nanny positions and they parade themselves as a nanny agency that seems to be too good to be true.

Nannies can be found through different sources: through family connections, through a nanny agency, or on your own.

That's why at Silo Care Nanny Agency, we give you the best Nanny Service, that allows you to focus on parenting while we take care of your regular child care tasks.

A good nanny agency should offer a wide range of services. Most agencies contain a wide range of employment opportunities, including in-home nanny positions and career opportunities with top-notch nanny training companies.

But what makes a good nanny agency?

A Good Reputation

Reputation is key. A nanny agency should have a good reputation, which includes providing quality childcare.

A good nanny agency should have a good track record and good reviews from previous clients. Do some research on Yelp, Google My Business, and other review sites to see what others are saying about the agency. You can also make a discovery call and ask questions about the institution's track record and portfolio to see if they meet your selection criteria.

A Good Recruitment Process

A good nanny agency offers you opportunities for career growth while putting your needs first. All candidates should expect thorough background checks and interviews before becoming an employee or parent volunteer with any child-related organization.

Background checks are an essential part of working with children. Anyone interested in becoming a nanny should first fill out an application form with the FBI's National Child Care Registry (NCCR). This form has both personal and criminal records from every state in the U.S. Candidates must also provide two references from family members or neighbors who can vouch for their character and competence as parents.

After completing the application process, candidates should expect to undergo background checks from relevant states such as their home state or where they last worked as a parent. These can include fingerprinting, criminal background checks, and credit checks, among others. All finished background reports must be submitted to the registry so potential employers can make informed hiring decisions.


A good nanny agency should be flexible enough in its services and policies to meet your needs as a parent. For example, they should be prepared to provide part-time or full-time caregivers as needed. It is impractical to avoid the service policies of babysitting agencies because the needs of parents are very variable.

The best nanny agencies are those that are willing to listen to their clients and build a working relationship that gives parents and babysitters peace of mind. Without flexibility, such relationships are difficult to build, especially when it comes to institutions.​

Good Professionalism.

A good nanny agency should have qualified and experienced professionals, who are dedicated to their Job.

Nannies must understand when it's appropriate to ask questions and when it's best to defer decisions to their clients. It's always best to defer decision-making to your clients so they can focus on parenting their children instead of managing their daily lives.

However, some questions clients may not want to answer include whether they've ever considered having their kids taken away or if they've ever had issues with child-rearing complications or burnout from other parent duties. Nannies must have a strong sense of professionalism when interacting with clients based on race, socioeconomic status, parenting experience, and other factors unique to each family situation


A good nanny agency should be affordable, reliable, and offer a variety of providers to choose from. They should also offer customer service that is prompt and helpful. The nanny agency needs to be accountable for the work done by their employees to ensure the quality of care for the children they are caring for.

All in all, a good nanny agency is easy to communicate with, has a clear offer, and will go to great lengths to find the right nanny for you. They will provide support at every stage of the journey and ensure the placement is as successful as possible.

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